Local Newspaper Editor Sues Kan We Help Member

On August 1, 2017, Local Newspaper Editor, Sam Williams files a defamation lawsuit against one of Kan We Help members for $10,000  after his unsuccessful attempts in getting her to pay him $10,000.

On September 13, 2017, the matter was tried in court, with both parties present. Neither parties called witness and both parties submitted documents into evidence. One of Williams documents, he presented was a post from Kan We Help website, December 21, 2016, that stated that Williams, LCT editor "suppressed the truth" about the "corrupt business practices"  of LMUD and enabled "government corruption".

The burden of proof was upon the plaintiff, Sam Williams. The court finds that Williams failed to prove by a preponderance of evidence  that the December 21, 2016 post was made by Spencer or that she in any way took a responsible part in the posting. The court also finds that Williams failed to prove that he personally incurred any economic damages as the result of the postings. The judgement was entered in favor of defendant Eileen Spencer and against plaintiff Sam Williams who shall take nothing by virtue by his complaint.

We did not find any articles in the Lassen County Times about this lawsuit that involved their editor and the watch dog group, Kan We Help.

Sam Williams is a public figure in Lassen County and known for his many articles covering local government and politics in Lassen County. He has been a long time member of the Susanville Rotary Club with members mostly made of Lassen County and City of Susanville government officials and a few local business men and women.

In the picture above is Sam Williams receiving Rotary award from Lassen County CAO, Richard Egan a Rotary member.

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Susanville Rotarians

Right to left: Kathy Garnier (Susanville mayor), Jarod Handcock (Susanville Aministrator), Sam Williams (LCT newspaper editor).