Photo submitted from  a non profit 501 (3) c site. Chapman helping Teeter campaign for Lassen County Board of Supervisor?

June 16, 2016


2012 & 2016 Primary  Election Precinct Result For District 2

Below are copies of the total votes cast by VBM (Absentee) and at the Polls for 2012 and 2016 for District 2. In 2012, VBM (Absentee) votes were 1107 while only 58  voted at the polls. In 2016, it was the opposite, with only 94 VBM (Absentee) votes and 970 votes at the polls. We find the election results questionable due to the fact there's a huge drop in the vote by mail VBM (Absentee) votes  for District 2. Most usually VBM (Absentee) votes increases each year with less people going to the polls to cast their votes.

June 15, 2016

by L. Garcia

Update on Lassen County June 7, 2016, Primary Election

The election results are unofficial in Lassen County, tentatively as of June 15, 2016. Lassen County Clerk still undecided who the winners will be. Will this be another grueling task for County Clerk Bustamante  like in the 2014 election where it took her 18 months to count her own votes when running for County Clerk? The Scoop will keep you updated as the 2016 Primary Election results evolves in Lassen County.

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Were All Votes Counted?

Only 751 votes were counted for District 2 Supervisor race, 3234 votes counted for City Council race. Lowest turnout in over a decade for District 2 and City Council, except for 2012 election, which was questioned by many with security seals just jumping off voting machines for unexplained reasons other than to leave the voting memory card subject to being tampered with to alter votes. Most usually during a presidential race there's an increase in voter turn out. Do you know if your vote was counted?

Click here to check out if your vote was counted.

Note: It was reported that Chapman was seen busy beating a path from County Clerk's office to Brian Wilson's office these past few days before election. What's up with that?

~Another Questionable Election In Lassen County~

District 1                    Polling Votes                     Absentee Votes                        Total Votes

2016 (votes changed)               880                                             78                                     958

2016                                                                                                                                  751

2012                                     58                                           1107                                      1165  

2008                                     312                                           629                                      941               

2004                                    800                                          458                                     1258

City Council                Polling Votes                       Absentee Votes                        Total Votes

2016(votes Changed)                                                                                                                                                                        3869

2016                                                                                                                                    3234

2014                                                                                                                                    5407

2012                                                                                                                                    2940

2010                                    2695                                       1015                                          3710

2008                                    1348                                       2471                                         3819

2006                                    1695                                       2102                                          3797

2004                                    3546                                       1866                                        5412

 Lassen County Registered Voters                 Votes Cast        Turnout Perentage

Jun. 2016 (votes changed)                12739                                          6173                  48.46%

Jun. 2016                                   12739                                          5503                  43.20%

Jun 2014                                    13379                                           5873                  43.90%

Jun. 2012                                    13720                                         7282                  53.08%

Jun 2010                                     13978                                          7059                 50.50%

Jun. 2008                                    13120                                          5621                 42.84%

Jun. 2006                                    14230                                          6855                 48.17%

Mar. 2004                                   13907                                         7254                  52.16%

Below is a Report of Registration from California Secretary of State

Lassen County 2014 Elections

Lassen County Clerk Julie Bustamante appears to have had a difficult time counting her own votes in the June 3, 2014 Primary Election when she ran for County Clerk against David Cole. It was not until December 4, 2015 (18 months after the Primary Election) that the election results were finalized. The General Election  for November 4, 2014 results were finalized in only 6 days later. How can it be that in the November General Election the candidates from the June Primary Election were in the run off for District 3 without results being finalized from the June 3, 2014 election?

Jim Chapman's comment "Nice job David Teeter! I'm proud of the voters of District 2 and Lassen County for rejecting the politics of fear and embracing a future of hope. You will make a great District 2 Supervisor! 👏🏻

Lassen County Rigging Votes?

After the Scoop posted the election results below the morning of June 8, 2016, numbers started changing on the election reports. There's at least 4 reports updated, posted on Lassen County website with number of votes changing.  The polls closed at 8 p.m. June 7, 2016. All 51 precincts 100% results were reported. Are all 670 increase in votes, provisional ballots or has someone been busy digging absentee ballots out of trash cans?
District 2 absentee ballots;

  • 2004 36.41% of 1258 votes cast, voted by absentee ballots.
  • 2008 66.84% of 941 votes cast, voted by absentee ballots.
  • 2012 64.72% of 1165 votes cast, voted by absentee ballots.
  • 2016 8.14% of 958 votes cast, voted by absentee ballots.

What happened to all of the absentee votes for 2016 in District 2? Only 8.14% absentee votes counted! This discovery is quiet disturbing to the voters in District 2 as other voters in Lassen County.

Discrepancy in Registered Voters

There's a big discrepancy in the  number of Registered voters in Lassen County in the two reports below  with a difference of 695 registered voters. Which one is right, both cannot be right? Will there be an UPDATE #13 report?

Below is Lassen County Clerk Bustamante's 12th election report

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