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Mr. GoPro with his boots on the ground, pounding the streets of Susanville putting on his swag, acting like a gangster, looking for his next GoPro shots to enter into America's Best Communities' Competition! How low can you go bro?

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July 28, 2015

Back by popular demand

Lassen County Grand Jury Report Agrees with Archangels of Justice 

Grand Jury Report, “It is the responsibility of local law enforcement and public officials to professionally investigate accidents, suicides or suspicious deaths to determine the facts surrounding the case.”

Archangel's Press Release...

In September 2011, Angel Siler was found near death by Susanville PD & Fire Personnel. The medics reacted with professionalism and respect, rushing Angel to the hospital. The police were another matter, the obvious lack of professionalism and courtesy is very evident in the responding officers behavior. He did not call for a detective or crime scene technicians. Nor did he even consider the possibility that Angel could have been forcibly drugged and raped. Her nude body with bruises was clearly evident yet he took no action. The beautiful young woman alone, nude, incapable of speaking and surrounded by 3 men, the buffoon of a police officer did nothing to investigate. Angel was buried after a brave unsuccessful fight for her life several days later, with the evidence of what happen to her in that dark shack on 2nd Street in Susanville not minutes from the police department. Now 5 years later the Susanville PD knee jerk reaction is to arrest one of the men, in hopes of keeping the Archangels of Justice away. We had the medical reports, statements and photos of Angel's bruises. All of the bruises consistent with being forcibly held down. The case was simple 5 years ago, but no one in law enforcement cared and apparently neither did the DA (Robert Burns). Now though they clamor to arrest, make a media splash citing how complex a case it is. Once again the propaganda spews forth. The police in this country today are very well aware of proper protocol, and the possibility of rape during drug use. There is no excuse for their past shoddy police work. There is less of an excuse for the chief to try to cover it up. If he had any guts or integrity he'd push for charges against that officer for neglect and dereliction of duty.  Signed Archangels of Justice

Lassen County Grand Jury 2015 Report on Susanville Police Department

In 2013, CAO/Rancher Egan is paid $189,793 plus $33,846 for retirement and health care cost a year to sleep on the job? He is the highest paid inexperienced CAO in Lassen County. Meanwhile, the Sheriff's deputy are being paid about one-fourth of Egan's salary to risk their lives for the public's safety.

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Does the hard working taxpayer find this photo offensive, also?

Does Burns Have Himself In A Pickle?

July 28, 2015, the Board of Supervisors' closed session  lasted an hour long, which is very unusual. The regular meeting lasted less than 40 minutes. After the meeting, Burns and Pyle appeared to be in a serious conversation, while standing in front of Board chambers at 707 Nevada Street.

Do you think, Pyle will pull Burns out of the pickle jar or will it take Chapman to get him out? Well, probably Chapman,the 40 year career politician, assuming that he can get his head out of his "Lassen Bull Fiction" long enough to help his friend out. 

CC: S.W. &  J.C.

Song dedicated to former DA Burns from all of his victims

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Burns Digging Up His Own Skeleton, While Trying To Dig Up The Dirt On Others?