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Determination of Residence and Domicile

No one is above the law. The law is the ceiling for all, not the floor for elected officials, such as County Counsel Robert Burns, CAO/Rancher Egan, County Clerk Bustamante, ect... We are all equal under the law.

People vs Superior Court (Wright)

Lassen County Scoop making Lassen County a better place to live.

Glad this horrific crime did not happen in Lassen County. Probably would have ended up like the unsolved Meinert's murder case and other cold cases in Lassen County.

Look who was spotted leaving Chapman's house on Christmas Eve...headed for the Pyle Ranch...

 Lassen County Sued For An Incomplete Indigent Health Care Program

SUSANVILLE, Calif. (CN) - A Northern California county stuck an indigent woman with $41,000 in medical bills because her family income was $715 over the income cap when she had surgery, though it fell to zero soon after, she claims in court.
     Margene Petterson says she woke up screaming in pain with a perforated bowel on Oct. 26, 2013 and was rushed to a hospital. She was airlifted to Reno, Nev., stabilized, and hospitalized for 33 days. Her unpaid medical expenses for October alone came to $41,255.
     Petterson, who had not been able to afford health insurance, applied for assistance from Medi-Cal, the County Medical Services Program and Path2Health, a low-income health program that allowed counties to expand Medi-Cal coverage to certain uninsured, low-income adults.

 Her husband was laid off in November 2013, bringing their income below the poverty level that month, and to zero in December.
     The day Petterson got out of the hospital, Lassen WORKS, the county's community services program, denied her Medi-Cal coverage because she did not satisfy the age, disability or dependent caretaker eligibility categories.
     On the same day, it denied her County Medical Services Program eligibility because her family's gross income in October was over the hard income cap, which is 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
     Petterson says she appealed Lassen WORKS' denial of her claim for October 2013, but still has not received a final ruling, and some of her bills have gone to collection.
     She claims that Lassen County has an incomplete indigent health care program, with no standards for services for those who may have had income at the time of medically necessary health care, but do not now, and that its eligibility requirements fail to consider a person's ability to pay for all or part of her health care.
     She seeks writ of mandate and $41,255. The defendants are Lassen County, and Lassen Works & Community Social Services and its Director Eric Nielson, who did not respond to a request for comment.
     Petterson is represented by John Tan.

Source:  Courthouse News Service

Note: Lassen County throws thousands of dollars into trying to win Americas Best Community and on an artificial Christmas tree, loans $350,000 to Bob Pyle's friends owner of Medici Logging, who filed bankrupt 8 months later, defaulting on their loan. County Board of Supervisors over pays an unqualified CAO and an arrogant County Counsel, while they collect a hefty salary for themselves. To top it off, the Lassen County squandered over $5.6 million intended for Herlong on administration salaries...the list just goes on and on...

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Breaking News!

Eileen Spencer from KanWeHelp boldly blazes through the Lassen County Board meeting on December 8, 2015, exposing the Supervisors illegal RFP with plans to waste taxpayers money on a new board room without being approved in a public meeting.

 Lassen County Sheriff Department Closer Solving The Murder Of Richard Meinert?

June 22, 2014 at his office in Janesville, CA. Meinert was shot in the chest. Sheriff Growdon said, there were  signs of a struggle and forced entry. The hat left behind at the crime scene appears to be nasty, probably belonging to someone with poor personal hygiene, because of their drug addiction. By the looks of the adjustment on the back of hat, they have a large size head.

Reno Secret Witness posted $2,500 reward for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution. Has Lassen County Board of Supervisors made a contribution to the reward in Meinert case or do they only contribute funds toward artificial Christmas trees and  entering contest? Beware Lassen County public safety is at an alarming high risk with underpaid and understaffed Sheriff Deputies. Enter Lassen County at your own risk.

November 5, 2015

Another Lassen County Debacle

Lassen County jury found Dwight Bennett not guilty of all felony charges, cruelty to animals. Maybe the video below of Beth DeCaprio will shed some light on how Lassen County mishandled the case. This case was doomed from the moment Lassen County got involved. It appears whatever Lassen  County and former DA Burns touches, it turns to mud and clarity becomes distorted. Lassen County violated the bankruptcy court stay when removing Bennett's horses. Ms. DeCaprio states that it was act grand theft. Mr. Heimbigner  oversees the removal of the horses, Bennett files harassment charges against Mr. Heimbigner, then Mr. Heimbigner states in a deposition the animals were not abused. Some things in Lassen County just makes you go hmmmmm...

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Big Government

Government turned the American dream into America's nightmare with their out of control spending and career politicians giving themselves fat salaries. The ideal that every Us citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination is being destroyed by big government. A big government will self-destruct and end up eating itself like the stressed snake in the video  with an out of control metabolism.

December 8, 2015, Lassen County Board of Supervisors plan on giving themselves a fat salary increase. Read the details on KanWeHelp

CAO Egan pay is great, $170,000 a year, with $350 car allowance, plus insurance and benefits

Californians Could Learn From Israel

Israel is the leader in water use in the Middle East. They treat waste water instead of letting it go to waste and use it to water their crops. Israel has built 5 desalination plants along the Mediterranean Sea that provides 50 percent of their drinking water.

Lassen County having such a large prison population could recycle their waste water turning it into water to  irrigate their alfalfa crops. Then someone could write a book and title it "Prison Waste Being Put To Good Use". I wonder, who will be the author? Chapman?


Kan We Help    exposes career politician Chapman and his gang for releasing a Request For Proposal (RFP) without having a public discussion or vote on the renovation courthouse RFP. Listen to video below, there was no vote

Lassen County Story Time

     One upon a time, in a land far away, from the rest of the civilized world, there lived a king, known as, King Nome, who despises the color yellow, especially if its a room full of yellow chairs. He rules the Land of Lassen with four other board members, also known as, the Scare Crow, the Coward Lion, the Heartless Tin Man and TiK-Tok the Machine Man.

     King Nome for many years has taken the Munchkins hard-earned taxes dollars to support his pet project . The Tin Man, who rules beside King Nome never seem to have a heart for the hard working Munchkins, until its time for him to be re-elected into office. He cleverly uses the Munchkins money giving it to different organization on the pretense the money is from his own personal funds with the Wicked King of the North's help reporting the propaganda, fooling many.

     The other three board members, the Coward Lion, the Scare Crow and Tik-Tok the machine man appears to have given up all powers to the old-timer, King Nome, Dr. Pipt (the crooked magician that does magic with numbers) and  Agnes (the dragon who destroys the letter of law). Dr Pipt and Agnes both sits off to the right of King Nome. With no board member left to represent the Munchkins, this puts them at a disadvantage to protect their hard-earned tax dollars.

     Dorthy and her skunk "Chappy" visits the kings chambers often, in hopes of helping the  Munchkins by exposing the corruption, such as, King Nome's  illegal RFP with plans of squandering  millions of  Munchkins hard-earned tax dollars on  his " New Large Room" with a $500,000 ride to it on the second floor. With Dorthy's help, the Munchkins are working hard to help the Coward Lion get enough courage to stand up to King Nome, Dr. Pipt and Agnes. The Munchkins are encouraging the Scare Crow to use his brain instead of relying on King Nome's brain of deception and encourages the Machine Man to keep his clock wound up so he can stay on top of the game and not be mislead by King Nome and his men. Now far as , the Tin Man,  Munchkins  have lost hope in  finding a good heart of honesty and integrity for him.

The Land of Lassen story to be continued.

A Corrupt Justice System - Danger To All

Who Made The Motion? No One..

Jim Chapman keeps digging the taxpayers deeper and deeper into debt by running up the government's debt to get his million dollar Taj Mahal with a $500,000 elevator.

 Serial Rapist In Lassen County?

The Scoop was informed  that one of the three suspects in the Angel Siler's murder case was recently charged for rape of a minor and distributing harmful material to the victim.

Charges filed October 9, 2015 ;

1. Charge 261.5(c) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse With Minor

2. Charge 313.1(a) - Distribute Harmful Material To Victim

Charges filed October 30, 2015;

1. Charge 261(a)(2) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will

2 Charge 261(a)(2) -  Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will

3. Charge 261(a)(3) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will

4. Charge 261(a)(3) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will

5. Charge 261(a)(4) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will
6. Charge 261(a)(4) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse Against Will
7. Charge 207(a) - Kidnapping

8. Charge 261.5(d) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse W/Minor

9. Charge 261.5(d) - Unlawful Sexual Intercourse W/Minor
10. Charge 236 - False Imprisonment

William Romero is one of the three suspects that was charged for the murder of Angel Siler in 2011. It appears while under former DA Robert Burns' administration crimes against women and children flourished. In 2014, Burns was hired by the  Lassen County Board of Supervisors, who rewarded him with a fat salary for a job of leisure.

Click on the links below to read about date rape drug facts.  and  Teen Advice

April 22, 2014 , Agenda Item H (2) to approve Burns contract for an annual salary of seventy percent of what a superior court judge makes (then $181,282  x  .70= $126.897.00) After watching the video several times, it's been determined that no one made a motion to prove Burns contract, though Hammond jumped the gun to second it. Is Burns collecting a pay check illegally? Will he have to pay it all back? Another Brown Act violation to add to their growing list.