Mr. Bishop also asiociates himself with a business calledNative Roots in Denver, Colorado, which is licensed under the name Alternative Medicines on the Mall LLC which is in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Sources: Colorado Secretary of State,The Denver Post, LinkedIn

Lassen County Scoop making Lassen County a better place to live.

March 14, 2017 Lassen County Board of Supervisors Meeting

February 28, 2017 Lassen County Board of Supervisors Meeting

March 9,  2017

Commercial Dope Cultivation

March 14, 2017, Supervisor Hammond brings before the Lassen County Board of Supervisors; a presentation by Colorado investors for a commercial marijuana site in Lassen County. Will this grow site be near Hammond's store or in the Northern part of Lassen County close to Supervisor Albaugh's organic cattle? Will this create  a battle over water with the Ranchers and marijuana growers? Will the dope cultivation bring in organized crime?

Lassen County Scoop Owes No One!

We Are Not Affiliated Or Funded By Lassen County Government Or The Alfalfa Mafia.


March 20, 2017

Lassen County's Slush Funds Axed

Trump proposed budget plan to defund Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) would put a crimp on Lassen County's slush funds. Lassen County has a history of squandering the hard working taxpayers money on their family, friends and of course themselves. They have diverted funds into their own pork-barrel and business subsidy schemes with  the flavor cronyism.

This takes us back to the days of Lassen County, when former CAO Tom Stone  blew the whistle on Lassen County officials for misuse of grant funds. Stone was quickly fired to cover up their unwanted exposure of misuse of grant funds. The Board of Supervisors later settled with Stone out of court by paying him $350,000.

Herlong community continues to feel the effects of the misuse of grant fund, which has left Herlong as a community of blight.

Remember pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered?

Source:Global news

S. 192 (114th):Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act of 2016

(OAA) supports Meals on Wheel

S. 192 would amend and reauthorize the Older Americans Act (OAA), which establishes services and protections to Americans above the age of 60. The OAA funds caretaking, nutritional, and health services for older Social Security and Medicare site stateAmericans; and for ombudsman programs to protect from abuse or negligence within these services.
Social Security and Medicare website reads - "The Older Americans Act (OAA), originally enacted in 1965, supports a range of home and community-based services, such as meals-on-wheels and other nutrition programs, in-home services, transportation, legal services, elder abuse prevention and caregivers support. These programs help seniors stay as independent as possible in their homes and communities. In addition, OAA services help seniors avoid hospitalization and nursing home care and, as a result, save federal and state funds that otherwise would be spent on such care."

Source:  Social Security and Medicare

On Lassen County's Agenda for March 21, 2017

#7 SUBJECT: July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2015 Road Fund Audit Report.
FISCAL IMPACT: Reimbursement to Road Fund 122-1221in the amount of
$124,699. Decrease in respective budget units in the amount of
$124,699. ACTION REQUESTED: 1) Receive July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2015
Road Fund Audit Report 2) Approve repayment plan to transfer $124,699
from respective budget units to Road Fund 122-1221 over the next four

Most Criminal Case Never Go To Trial

According to statistic more than 90 percent of criminal cases never go to court and most of those criminal cases are traffic violations. In 2012, a New York Times article reported that 97% of federal cases and 94% of state cases end via plea bargain. Plea deals are often made and charges dropped due to insufficient evidence resulting in fewer cases going to trial. Plea bargaining is essential in keeping the court cost down and is said to be an art learned through experience by Defense Attorneys, District Attorneys and Judges. An interesting fact is that two people can have the same factual case, but receive very two different sentences.  With limited government resources to try  ever case; it's important that the circumstance of each case  be carefully taken in consideration on how a plea bargains would effect public safety.

Sources: Christoph Law Office, United States Courts, andPPIC

March 26, 2017

Massive Pot Ring Busted In Colorado

Michael Alan Stonehouse, the alleged ringleader and his brother Theodore Stonehouse, both from Redding, California were indicted in Colorado on charges of running a massive illegal marijuana operation that sold and shipped weed out of the state. The Stonehouse brothers has an active "key" license in Colorado; for operating a marijuana business that's valid until 2018. Michael Stonehouse was able to obtain a license from the Medical Enforcement Department despite his criminal background where he served four years of a 12-year sentence in state prison for a forgery and theft conviction after being charged with involvement in an identity theft ring in 1999.

Source: The Denver Post

Marijuana Laws Puts Law Enforcement In A Bad Situation

The States that have legalized marijuana puts law enforcement between a rock and a hard place. They must decide whether to violate the States Constitution or the U.S. Constitution. California, Colorado and other states  have legalized recreational marijuana sales, but marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.

According to out-of-state sheriffs say the flow of Colorado's legal marijuana across the border has increased drug arrests, overburdened police and courts and cost them money in overtime. Deuel County Sheriff Hayward in Nebraska, in his complaint states, that felony drug arrest has jumped 400% in over the last 3 years.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, in Colorado is the lead plaintiff and other neighboring states in a lawsuit ask that the federal court in Denver to strike down Colorado's Amendment 64 that legalized the sale of recreational marijuana and to close the state's more than 330 licensed marijuana stores.

Sources: USA Today,  Westword

Colorado Scrambling

U.S. Attorney General Sessions has Colorado scrambling to come up with a plan to protect their pot industry from a potential federal crackdown. A bill pending in the Legislature would allow pot growers and retailers to reclassify their recreational pot as medical marijuana if a change in federal law or enforcement occurs. This bill would allow 500 or so licensed recreational pot growers to instantly reclassify their pot. Trying to beat the devil around the bush could cost Colorado more than $100 million a year, because the medical marijuana tax is less than recreational weed. Medical marijuana tax 2.9 percent compared to recreational pot tax 17.9 percent.


March 27, 2017

Sharing Facebook Posts With Lassen County & Others...

Lassen County vs High Desert Wolves sanctuary

court case #60593

Lassen County Counsel Bob Burns files complaint on the owner/caretaker Debbie Valenta and Charles Cooper of High Desert Wolves sanctuary, October 27, 2016 for a preliminary and permanent injunction to abate a public nuisance.The High Desert Wolves  is a sanctuary for hybrid wolves located in a remote area in Ravendale, CA.

Most of the rescued hybrid wolves have been mistreated; tortured, beaten, starved and used as bait in dog fighting rings and are not replaceable. The rescued animals will spend the rest of their lives being cared for at the High Desert Wolves' sanctuary  or until the courts rule in favor of Lassen County to end the sanctuary.

Hybrid wolves puppies are sold to help feed and pay for vet bills for the rescued animals. 

The ordeal of Lassen County threatening to close the High Desert Wolves sanctuary have rocked on for a few years now. In 2013, Valenta went before the Board of Supervisors with a proposal for them to adopt Siskiyou County animal control ordinance. She stated in Siskiyou County they had no limits on how many dog you can have outside city limits and they charged a fee for $10 per head. She added, she would be willing to pay as much as $20 per dog and thought this would be a good deal for the County, since they are always needing money.

In 2014, things even gotten worse when Valenta received a letter from  Lassen Planning Commission demanding for her to vacate her property and if she didn't she could be hit with major fines and go to jail.

In 2016, just on the heels of the uproar of a pair of elusive and endangered gray wolves spotted roaming Lassen County in rural northeastern California  stirred  concern among the ranchers; Lassen County Bob Burns files complaint against Valenta, Cooper and High Desert Wolves.

Bob Burns the former Superior Court Judge candidate, who lost to Judge Mallery; moved to disqualify Mallery from the case. Judge Giordano  presides over the case. When Valenta asked that the trial be moved to a different venue, was denied. The Court trial date is set for March 30, 2017.

March 13, 2017

Marijuana Industry Connected to Sex Trafficking

Unintended consequences? District 1 Supervisor Gallagher served in Humboldt County as Arcata's Chief of police from 2001 to 2003. How familiar is Gallagher with the  article "In secretive marijuana industry, whispers of abuse and trafficking"? The article reveals dozens of accounts of sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking. Victims’ advocates say the problem is far larger and, with every harvest, continues to grow.

Maryann Hayes Mariani, a coordinator for the North Coast Rape Crisis Team said, “Women believe they are getting hired for trimming work, and then they’re drugged and raped. Everybody looks at (the region) like it’s the Land of Oz. I’m just so tired of pretending like it’s not happening here.” The reporter pointed out that law enforcement repeatedly has failed to investigate abuse and sexual violence in the industry. Instead, officers mostly focus on what they view as the root cause of the problem: the drug trade. How will Supervisor Gallagher and the other four Supervisors vote on the commercial marijuana grows in Lassen County? Will local media report on dark side of the Marijuana Industry being connected to the sex trafficking?

It was not too long ago, that people were talking about a brothel in operation at an old historical motel on Main Street in Susanville, but was never reported on by local media. Could it be that too many top dogs were involved in the brothel to keep it out of the press?

Source:City of ArcataIn secretive marijuana industry, whispers of abuse and trafficking, article submitted by a Scoop viewer.

March 8, 2017


Lassen County Supervisor Teeter works as a manager for his mother at Margie Book Nook that's on the beaten path of historic Susanville uptown main drag perwebsite.

March 5, 2017

Conflict of Interest?

Will California Fair Political Practice Commission find Teeter violated the Political Reform Act by making a governmental decision in which he had a material financial interest, in violation of Government Code Section 87100?  We believe Lassen County Supervisor Teeter is a business owner and a member of the Historical Uptown Susanville Association (HUSA), in which Lassen County Historical Courthouse is part of the Historic Uptown Susanville Business Improvement District.  Will his fate be the same as Supervisor Hammond, who was ill-advised by overpaid County Counsel?

March 16, 2017

Pig in a Poke

Is Lassen County trying to sell the taxpayers a "Pig in a Poke"?

At the March 14, 2017, Board meeting, Kyle Wesley Bishop  gave a presentation about starting a commercial marijuana grow in Lassen County. When asked about the name of his business, he replied, "Kine Consultants", but did not give the name of the county his business is operating in. Per Colorado Secretary of State, the business Kine Consultants principle office address; 769 8th Street, Durango, Colorado and in the county of La Plata, Colorado. Mr. Bishop filed  Articles of Organization for Kine Consultants on 10/09/2014 and the entity became delinquent on 02/29/2016 for noncompliance for failure to file Periodic Reports. Bishop has two other businesses, Epic Trim LLC and Kine Designs LLC. The business Kine Designs LLC, formation date; 03/11/2015, business address; 2756 Clayton Street, Denver, Colorado and is in good standing, per Colorado Secretary of State. The business Epic Trim LLC, formation date; 02/16/2011, business address; 2756 Clayton St., Denver, Colorado is in good standing, but has been reported by the Secretary of State of being  noncompliance for not filing Periodic Reports. Two of his business have been recently formed, except for Epic Trim LLC  which was form in 2011 in Denver, Colorado.

March 21, 2017

Old Board Members Leave Dirty Hand Prints Behind

California State Controller Office (SCO) finds  Lassen County misused Road Funds by old board members (Brian Dahle, Jim Chapman, Bob Pyle and Jack Hanson) and other officials. The State Controller's audit goes back nearly a decade from 2007 to 2015. Lassen County's current COA Egan was Lassen County's Treasure for most of that period that these restricted funds were misused. California State Controller Findings:

  1. Ineligible expenditures for removal of railroad track and concrete.                28,496
  2. Ineligible expenditures for surveying and mapping on private property      30,189
  3. Unreimbursed non-road expenditures                                                               18,890
  4. Outstanding balances for prior SCO Audit Finding                                            47,124

California State Controller recommends the county should reimburse the Road Fund the total amount $124,699.

Source: SCO Audit of Lassen County Road Fund 02/2017

Annual 700 Forms Due, April 3, 2017

When to file a Form 700;
• Assuming Office filing – within 30 days of assuming office
• Annual filing – every year between January 1st to April 1st
• Leaving Office filing – within 30 days of leaving office
• Amendment filing – immediately upon discovering an error or omission