Victim: Joan Kennedy
Location: Susanville, CA
Date of Occurrence: June 26, 1979

Synopsis: June 26, 1979, Joan's husband Dan was the first one to find her body, clothes ripped off, laying in a bloody mess with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. Dan was the first suspect in the murder case. The police suspected her murder was related to a drug deal that had gone bad, though the list Dan had provided never lead to an arrest in the case. 

Victim: Jennie Borghi
Location: Susanville, CA
Date of Occurrence: December 20, 1973

Synopsis: December 20, 1973, Jennie Borghi was brutally stabbed to death in a grocery store that she worked at.

Victims: Glenna Sue Sharp, John Sharp, Dana Wingate, and Tina Sharp

Location: Keddie Resort, Plumas County, CA

Date of Occurrence: April 11, 1981

Synopsis: April 11, 1981, Sue was home with her two youngest boys and a friend of the boys, Justin, who was staying the night. Tina returned home from an evening of watching TV at cabin 27, around 10:00 PM. Sue's oldest son, John, and his friend Dana Wingate, had spent the day in nearby Quincy, planning to return to Keddie in order to sleep in John's basement bedroom. John and Dana were last seen walking along State Route 70, near Quincy. The victims had been bludgeoned with hammers of two distinct sizes; and Sue and John had been stabbed repeatedly, including stab wounds to their throats. Dana Wingate was manually strangled to death and bludgeoned with another weapon, while Sue was bludgeoned with a Daisy Powerline 880 rifle. In 1984, the cranium portion of a skull was recovered near Camp Eighteen. Months later, after an anonymous caller to the Butte County Sheriff's office claimed the skull was Tina's, the Camp Eighteen area was searched again for several hours over a period of days. A jawbone and dozens of other bones were found, along with other potential evidence. The bones were later confirmed to be those of Tina Sharp.

Victim: Jane Doe
Location: Lassen County, CA
Date of Occurrence: June 14, 1995

Synopsis: On June 14, 1995, the skeletal remains of a female skull and small limb bones were discovered south of the Poison Lake area in Lassen County, California. The remains were located above ground at a logging site approximately 1.5 miles south of Highway 44. The date of the woman's death was determined to be between June of 1994 and March of 1995.

Unsolved Homicides

Victim: Dr. Richard  Mienert

Location: Janesville, CA

Date of Occurrence: June 23, 2014

Synopsis: June 23, 2014, Rich Meinert was found shot in the chest at Thompson Peak Veterinary Clinic. It is suspected that Dr. Rich interrupted a burglary, struggled with the assailants and was killed during the fight. The amount of money or drugs/animal sedatives the killers got away with is unknown.

The hat below may belong to the killer.